Friday, November 6, 2009

Maybe I should have studied harder in math...

apparently,  I don't understand percentages or something.  When you rent a t.v. series on dvd, each episode is 42 minutes long, that means on t.v., there are what, 18 minutes of ads every hour. 

Here's the part I don't understand. When you are flipping though the channels to find something to watch, it's all ads. Shouldn't you land the show more often?


Kristina P. said...

This is why I love my DVR. No more stupid commercials!

The Head Eagle said...

You got me! My math skills are horrible!

I too love my DVR!

Christine Peterson said...

OK I will tell you something, I've known this since I was like 8 years old. I was bored on day when my grandma was watching me at her house. We were watching Y&R we calculated how long the commercials were and it was like a good 20mins. PLUS I think all the ads go on about the same time. If you flip through during your show, then you will see most shows playing. It's a conspiracy haha. J/K hey that's why i love DVR. People at work talk about these funny commercials and I think "hmm I didn't see that one" that's because I record. AHHH OK this was a ramble. BYE

ramsam said...

Such a good point! Why do they time their commercials like that! SOOOO annoying.

DVR's rule in this house! I love starting a show and pausing it, load the dishwasher or something, then press play. Perfect.

ps- super cool background!

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