Sunday, September 14, 2008

No Really

Ben lost his second front tooth last night. I love the way it looks with that big hole right up front. (He can still whistle)
Roxy told me she doesn't believe the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny are real. After all, she could feel the zipper on the back of the bunny costume on the guy at the mall. She went on and on about how they aren't real, the only one who is real is Santa.
I asked her if she could keep a secret and told her she was right. The Easter bunny and tooth fairy aren't real.

I am them.

Mom, don't be silly. You are not. Your hand isn't even feather soft to reach under my pillow. I insisted- she insisted. So I threw in that I'm Santa as well.
She definitely doesn't believe me.

p.s. Roxy tried to play a joke on Ben by wrapping a marble up in paper and tape and putting it under his pillow. The part that makes me laugh the most about this is that she did it all on her own.


Adam and Kristina said...

Excellent. The old reverse psychology. That'll show her. :)

Ryan.Robyn said...

ha ha ha. let's hope she figures it out before Grant did!

Ryan.Robyn said...

ha ha ha. let's hope she figures it out before Grant did!

Christine Peterson said...

I second that one Robyn! ha ha too funny, like how old is too old? Maybe we should tell his 21 yr old gf, maybe she'll ditch him! ha ha or maybe she still believes ha ha, my bad!

Kimbooly said...

Jeffrey was telling me that he thinks I'm the tooth fairy when Bryce just lost his first two teeth one day after the other. I told him that I did not put money under Bryce's pillow (Rob did). Ha!

On the other hand, Jeffrey has already had the sex talk from asking specific questions. I figure he's done enough growing up already (he asked, when sex was explained, "Is the girl asleep during this time?"). Let him think the tooth fairy is still real. He also believes in leprechauns and constantly makes leprechaun traps that have ads on the sides of them: "There's lots of gold in here. Come inside!" "Look at all the gold you can add to your collection," etc etc.

Ryan.Robyn said...

you've kinda been slacking on the blogging thing. I need a post from you at least every day

Heck is for people that don't believe in gosh