Friday, January 2, 2009

Here I am

So I've decided to be back. I was just checking if any of you were still around with that last post and was surprised to see you are. I guess google reader is probably my new best friend.

I've had a nice time while I was away. Since my blogcation post we've had Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Holy smokes, am I ever a cheater for not blogging all that comes with the holidays. I'm not even going to fill in the details with all the cheer I've been having. But don't despair, it's not due to lack of love, just laziness.

One of the main reasons I took a break from blogging is I was beginning to let it bog me down.

Blog bog.

I'm like some sort of massive internal pressure cooker machine and convinced myself the purpose of my blog is to entertain other people. Well, I'm just not that funny, pretty funny, but not that funny, so I cracked under the pressure I put myself under. It was time for a DTR between myself and my blog.

Now that I understand our relationship, I'm willing to continue with it. I will write what I want, when I want, and I hope to entertain you along the way occasionally. But I don't care if I don't. *By the way, even though I assume no responsibility to entertain those who read my blog, I still expect you to entertain me with yours.


ramsam said...

Hey- I kind of blogged about this same thing today! Blog for you.
We will be here ayway!
Happy New year.

Kristina P. said...

Honestly, my little holiday blogging vacation has been great! I haven't even looked at Statcounter in weeks, and I've just enjoyed reading other blogs.

I've always written in the style I do now, smart ass, but there is more pressure now and it definitely gets overwhelming!

But I am glad you are back! You could post a picture of a brick wall, and somehow, you would make it funny.

the letter Bee said...

Ah- well I'm just glad you're back!

Lorrie Veasey said...

OK, I'm in. But this means the comments I leave can suck, right?

Whew. what a relief.

hello, my name is amber. said...

i get it. but i still think you're funny even when i you're not trying to be funny. or at least i don't think you're trying...

you're just great with words. even when you just post a sentence or two. your blog is so down to earth, it's refreshing.

dtr's are necessary sometimes, i'm just glad you didn't break up.

do not expect me to entertain you with my blog. all i really know how to do is post pictures, and i already put enough pressure on myself as far as that goes.

happy new year! hope to meet you sometime soon.

Life as Ashley said...

You totally just put words to my thoughts. Thank you. Now I think I'll just copy and paste your post on mt blog.....jk [but seriously thought about it].

Christine Peterson said...

i wouldn't use a blog as entertainment, i know it's hard, given all your followers. but more of a journal as to what goes on in your life and trust me that is entertaining enough. that's why i check it, i want to see what your up to. i think you guys are hilarious in your everyday life. but i'm really glad you're back. you're the pressure ;)

Me said...

Welcome Back and Happy New Year!

I think its normal to sometimes get overwhelmed. At least its normal for me! There can be a lot of pressure, as the blog world sometimes revolves like a popularity contest. I have to step back at times and remember why I started blogging in the first place...because I want to. Simple as that...not for anyone else.

Kimbooly said...

Yeah, I agree. I blog because I want to, or if there's something I want to say or to share. It's just not worth it to try and meet imaginary expecations (what you *think* people are expecting of you). ; )

GLAD to have you back. Really.


So said...

Yay! I'm glad your blogcation is over! And post whatever you want. I'll still read it...entertaining or not.

Michelle said...

good to see you back!

i need your email so i can invite you to my blog ... it's going private. send it to please :)

Gatsby said...

Back by popular demand!

Heck is for people that don't believe in gosh