Saturday, January 17, 2009

While we're at it...

here's a couple more funny things Roxy has said lately.

Blaine is getting braces next week. (His desire to be like me is overwhelming) I was joking with the kids and said "what if, when Dad and I kiss, our braces get stuck together?"

Roxy immediately replied with a laugh, "You guys will have to decide whose work you'll go to. Ha ha ha."

Last night Blaine and I went out on a date, when we got back Roxy was in bed, but awake. So I invited her into my room to talk and snuggle. I asked her if there was anything special about the babysitter she wanted to tell me about. I was totally fishing for dirt to see if she is a good sitter; turns out she is. Although, I was nervous for a fraction of a second when Roxy said there was something she wanted to tell me about her.

"Kind of a lot, she says 'wow' about things that aren't that impressive."

People, she's FIVE.

Maybe this totally makes me a typical "mommy blogger", but still, I love the funny things she says.


Kristina P. said...

I don't think being a mommy blogger is a bad thing. And your daughter is clearly way too smart.

Christine Peterson said...

Roxy baha! That's hilarious! Sounds totally something she would say.

mama donk aubri jo said...

she is way too smart and way too funny! and i am totally a typical mommy blogger cuz my other brain cells are currently being taken over by the mommy brain cells, someday i will be creative again :)

Christa said...

Smart kids are the ones who say the craziest things. Enjoy all the laughs and entertainment.

Kimbooly said...

I wonder why we're afraid of being 'typical' mommy bloggers.

Because then SSB (SeriouslySoBlessed) or some other tongue-in-cheek sit can mock us? (As much fun as it is to see ourselves mocked)

Yet I worry, too. I think, 'Is this blog post noteworthy? Does it show unique perspective than saying the same thing that will be on 134 other mormon mommy blogs today?'

That's why I think the kids things are funny, though. Because they're unique and so unpredictable, constant proof that a child brain functions so completely differently than an adult brain in the way they process info. : )

Jenn said...

I love her little sarcastic sense of humor!! That is great!!

So said...

I am loving the Roxy comments. Very smart girl you have there! My kids say funny stuff but I can never remember it.

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