Thursday, October 9, 2008

Finally the care it needs.

My coworker finally came back into town, so yesterday I was able to leave work early. I headed straight for my bed, (right after getting some double choc. brownie ice cream) and gave it the attention and comfort it needed.

I really have nothing else to blog about though, I've been super lame about coming up with my own ideas. But upon Suzanne's recommendation, I have spent hours reading jurlpower, and love it, especially her stages of sex. So, if you've come over here looking for entertainment, let me redirect you to jurl.


Kristina P. said...

How to you pronounce that? Girlpower? Hurlpower? Jirlpower? I'm so confused.

Christa said...

Thanks for the link. She's slightly unbalanced and I can really appreciate that.

Kimbooly said...

Ready for TMI? I SO disagree with Jurl. If women are feeling this way (are at stage 3), they need to be communicating themselves better to their husbands, so intimacy is a two-way street where both come away happy, re-energized, and satisfied.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the law of chastity. It's one of the best parts of being married, and something I look forward to that is enjoyable for both of us. My hubby (insert lots of bragging here) always makes sure I'm happy. I love stage 2, and have been in stage 2 for over 10 years now (we've been married 11).

But here is a funny thing I heard in my lamaze class when pregnant with my first baby, about sex:

When you're first married, it's tri-weekly
When you're in the middle of life, it's try weekly (unless you're in stage 2, and then you find time more often)
And when you're old, it's
try weakly.

I always thought that was funny.

jurl said...

Please don't be's "jurl" as in hurl. There is a video somewhere on jurlpower explaing where it came from. A good girlfriend is (in my world) a jurlfriend.

I am totally unbalanced, but mostly sarcastic.

I agree that you shouldn't be in stage 3 (though I wrote that one a long time ago so will assume I was saying a wife is dead inside because she wants to kill her husband or some such nonsense), but, soemtimes I just shoot for funny so please never take me too seriously if you bother to read me. And my moods the wind.

Never dreamed people who don't know my voice would ever read my blog...thanks much...even if you don't agree with some more of my outrageous commentary.

Love the look of this super cute blog and thanks for compliment.

TJ said...

Uh, being a lifetime stage 3'er I have have to disagree Kim.

The Morty's said...

I have a blog I need to go check out, I am curious now!

Kimbooly said...

That's the beauty of opinion; everyone can have a diff. opinion (insert wisecrack to Blaine about stepping up to the plate so TJ can enjoy stage 2).

I'm just saying, not all married women are stage 3. ; )

suzanne said...

so glad you like the jurl. i can't believe she actually commented on your blog...she's my favorite blogger (aside from you)! how did she know about you? i've never left a single comment on her site. anyway, as you know, i've been in stage 3 all my life...both marriages, etc. like the law of chastity too, but really...i get your stage three. sue

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