Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm practically Stephenie Myer

Last night I dreamt about what I should write about. It wasn't a sparkling dude or anything, but still, isn't that a sign that I should have lots of money?

I dreamt some kids labelling everything in my house in braille with puff paint. It wasn't like a braille vision or anything like that, but braille has been on my mind a lot lately. Why? I don't know.

But have you noticed the strange places they put braille?

It's one thing to have blind folk driving around using ATMs and reading braille street signs, but a braille tattoo. I think that's going just a little too far.


ramsam said...

You are so Stephanie right now! Did you dream of these street signs, because yes, I am confused by this they are going to drive by and feel the signs really fast???

What the crap?

Brittany said...


Me said...

I have always wondered why they put braille in the places that they lifes mysteries.

Kristina P. said...

I can get the ATM. I used to work with a blind woman, and I would take her to the bank and so forth, but she would do her own money.

The street sign and the tattoo is just plain weird.

Oh, and you could also be like Stephanie Meyers. :)

Ryan.Robyn said...

the tattoo is look gross

Kimbooly said...

I love the comment that since you dreamt of writing, you should get lots of money. Perfect correlation!

And the whole street sign in braile? It's not like a blind person could read them really fast while driving by, because the blind person couldn't see to even be driving.

But who knows. Maybe the signs are low enough that someone walking along who is blind can read them, and maybe they say something like "busy intersection, watch out for driving maniacs."

Michelle said...

you know ... i think about this everytime i go to the drive thru ATM.

Rychelle said...

i have a brail tattoo, but i can't tell you what it says.

Jenn said...

you crack me up!!

Blaine said...

I think a lot of street signs are weird. Like the ones that are just short of a tv show, revolving and changing all the time. Did you know that Playboy comes in braille. I didn't. Why would I.
Plus, puff paint dreams are a tale tale sign that your going crazy.

Life as Ashley said...

I don't understand any braille signs at all (any of them). How are the people supposed to know they are even there?

Wendyburd1 said...

And what exactly did they put IN the skin to make it bump up? TB?!!

Anonymous said...

The tattoo is cool!

The street sign is completely's wrong anyway...I know because I TEACH Braille.

Though I do laugh at the Braille on the drive up ATMs.

Anonymous said...

I work with blind students, let me shed some insight. No pun intended. The signs must be a joke, ive never seen signs with braille like that. All atms are made with braille whether they are walk up or drive thru, thats just standard, which is the same reason for other strange places where braille is found. For the tatto, that image is dake, you cannot have a raised tattoo that small. Tho I do have a braille tattoo with regular ink. Like most tattoos it has a special meaning to the wearer. I love my tattoo i love telling sighted people what it means and teaching them about braille and I love that secret connection i have with other sighted people who know the code.

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