Sunday, June 15, 2008


Today is Fathers Day and I am a loser. I didn't do anything at all for Blaine today. As in NO THING. I have had a really bad cold and I lost my voice and my head hurts, and blah, blah, blah, blah-whine.

Anyway, one time Blaine took Roxy to Wendy's for a daddy daughter date, so Roxy really wanted to take him there for Father's Day. Normally we wouldn't do that on a Sunday, but me not feeling well and not wanting to make food, agreed. Roxy was so sweet, as usual, and insisted her daddy get a new hand blended shake. Then he let her taste his chicken and bacon sandwich, which she hated. That's when she loudly, with lots of disgust exclaimed "Bacon comes from dogs!"

Also, this weekend our ward had the annual Father/son campout. Ben and Blaine had a great time just like every year. They always get really dirty, but this year, Benji actually needed two showers to get clean.

Blaine is a great father. That was one of the major contributing factors contributing to me marrying him. He was really great with my younger sibs and his niece Mady. I used to think I didn't want kids, it was just to overwhelming, but I knew with him I could tackle it.

Right from the start he was great. He, on his own, came up with the plan that if he was home, he changes the diapers. Fine with me! And he really did. He felt bad that I did all the feeding, so in order to be involved, he always brought the baby to me in the night. All I had to do was lay there, he got up nearly every time.

Now that are kids are bigger he is so fun for them, they play catch, swim, go to the skatepark, have makeovers, etc, etc. I'm really grateful he is my kids Dad.


Kimbooly said...

Hi, TJ, I don't know if you even remember me, but I'm Kimberly Wilson, the gal that lived across the street from Melody. I saw your blog on her blog today, and...well, here I am!

It's so exciting to see you're part of bloggerdome, something I haven't started yet (yes, still the archaic email newsletters for me).

I only meant to lurk and see how your family is doing (Ben is so grown up, and you have a girl, too, now!), but had to post in reply that I felt like a total loser today, also. I really didn't do anything for Rob. Even the gift I gave him, a neighbor saw at a thrift store yesterday and picked up, thinking of Rob. It is a black t-shirt with white letters that says, "Real men SING real loud." He loved it. The worse part is, he was so kind about it, and said, "Father's day means it's the father's turn to take care of everything, right?" He's so good and I'm not! Blegh.

Anyway, that's my long lost hello! Love to hear from Houston folks! (Oh, btw, we live in CA now. I see you live in UT, & I have a SIL who LOVES Parade of Homes)

Ryan & Robyn said...

Ben looks so grown up looking in that kinda makes me sad because #1-it makes me feel SUPER old,and #2-how much longer is he going to want to give me hugs everytime I see him?

Heck is for people that don't believe in gosh