Thursday, June 12, 2008

Parade of Homes, Holy Snot!

Before I get to the homes I have to tell you about the snot. We were at this great house in Provo and they had cookies in the kitchen for all the visitors. That was very clear, they told us so right when we went in the front door. So my kids patiently go through the house waiting and waiting for the cookies. When finally they earned a cookie there were two 'way better than me and my kids because they might actually someday buy a house like that, or at least sound really, really great because they are very intently talking about the paint colors' ladies stading right in front of the cookies. These two self absorbed sweet ladies would not move. And it wasn't just my family that wanted the cookies, there were other plain folk there that were also not good enough for the cookie-gaurd-snobs to move. Anyway, I feel better now.

We try to go to the parade of homes every year and every year I get a new favorite. This year my new favorite is house #13. It is totally excessive. I mean TOTALLY. There are a few days left to get to the houses, you really should go see as many as you can. I tried to post a pic of my fav house, but I'm not that smart, so please just take my word for it.

The lamest thing I've ever seen at the parade happened this year too. It was at the same house as the snot. #16 in Provo. The driveway is down a hill with a sharp turn, a very steep hill, and a very sharp hill. Seriously, it sucked. But what sucked even more was coming home to my house. I hate the parade of homes for that reason. I don't know why I torture myself that way every year.


Christine Peterson said...

Dang I wish I was there, I would've went with you guys and Taylor would've sneezed snot on your snots (she's sick right now) Anyway, show homes are terrible in that way, you just have to think people can't ALWAYS live like this (perfect) everywhere! as much as they are nice there is not normally sign of people REALLY living there. Or that's how it is here.

Blaine Dickerson said...

1st place for the best and longest run-on marathon style sentence

The Morty's said...

I used to go to that every year.... I have not been in a long time.... I don't know why I stopped going

Melody said...

I haven't been to one but the new homes here are so outragesouly priced it isn't even funny. I think it just makes me depressed. Now if they'd tell me what colors they used on the interior paint I'd be happy.

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