Saturday, July 19, 2008

Kudos Brandon!

My friend Brandon at work has been smoking for quite a long time now, he has cut back and/or quit a few times. But today was different.

There he was, smoking his last cig, which he had saved, and was a big deal. And he put it out 1/2 way through. He didn't even finish it.

My money is on Brandon quitting for quits this time.

And Brandon, don't forget, what they say is NOT true. EVERYBODY likes a quitter.

*Brandon has a very funny shirt like this but it says "I want you to speak english". (Sorry Esteban, I hope I haven't offended you.)


The Morty's said...

I am going to have to go congratulate Brandon next time I see him. It won't be for a few days, so I sure hope I rememeber. I think it is AWESOME! Hey TJ maybe since you will see him before I do.... tell him I think it is Wonderful! He Rocks! And Way To Go Congrats!!

Kimbooly said...

TJ, I love your phrase!: EVERYBODY likes a quitter. Go Brandon! I'll bet you're a lot more successful at giving up smoking than I am at cutting back on my major sweet tooth. I'm extremely addicted.

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