Tuesday, July 1, 2008

O Canada!

What I miss most in Canada:

Bruce, Christine, Taylor and my Grandma.
Sorry, no picture.


And of course Waterton!



Holdinator said...

Wow. Waterton looks absolutely amazing.

Ryan & Robyn said...

we should all meet up at crazy canuk today and eat candy :)

Sarah & Drew said...

Happy Canada Day!

Christine Peterson said...

aww thanks TJ we miss you guys lots too! what about free health care virtually no tax and MEGA $$$$ c'mon you'd love to live here!

Anonymous Karimzada said...

Well TJ, as you know, people always threaten to move to Canada, to you know, stick it to the man. I'm proud of you for doing the opposite. Leaving Canada to stick it to the man here in America. We love you Canadians!

Although according to this site, you should've moved to Europe. Happy reading!


Ron and Jessica said...

Have you moved yet? Can you bring me some of that Tiger Tiger Ice Cream? My Wive LOVES tigers and she LOVES Ice Cream. Her two favorites together again at last!

Heck is for people that don't believe in gosh