Monday, July 7, 2008


Today Blaine came home with the BEST NEWS EVER.
Nope, no lottery.
We aren't going on vacation to Disneyland or Hawaii.
Ben did not get discovered for a major movie deal allowing us to live a glamorous Hollywood lifestyle. Stealing all his hard earned profits so later he can sue us and seek a parental divorce.

Something even better.

We're getting rid of the hamster.

Anyone who's ever had a hamster (and successfully gotten rid of it) is celebrating with me. Anyone who still has a hamster is loathing me, jealousy threatening to take over their entire existence. And anyone who has never had a hamster; just wait someone will offer you a free one someday.

See ya never stinky


Ryan & Robyn said...

I never even knew you had a hampster..I have a really bad story about would feel grateful for your hampster after hearing it

TJ said...

well then tell me.

Annie & Roo said...

When I was eight, my dad took my hamster away to work with him one day--that was after it got out during the night and ran over my mom's face, nearly killing her with fright--anyway, he took the thing away and it never came back, and to this day he refuses to tell me what he did with it. The thought of what happened to it still haunts me...I hope you are adopting yours out to a nice family with a big back yard.

Ryan & Robyn said...

ok...we had 3 rats...which ended up to be of the moms decided to take her babies away..they got out of their cage and she hauled them all to the heater. at the time it was a great place for them, until the heater turned on. The rotating thing for the heater cut them all up, dispersing the heat and smell to all the heater vents in the was a bloody mess. Do you appreciate your hamster now?

TJ said...

ugh, when did that happen?

The Morty's said...

We have had our share of hamsters with Travis, Jacob will never get the "joy" of having one hahaha I am celebrating with you

Holdinator said...

We've never had a hamster, but we did have three mice, and they smelled pretty awful too (though J would correct me and say that they were cute as well).

No more critters for us, just cats, a dog, and birds....

The Mediocre Gatsby said...

I let ours go in a neighborhood field. My son came with me. He thought it was fun until we went home without it - then he freaked out.

Still, it was the right decision.

Heck is for people that don't believe in gosh