Friday, July 11, 2008

What do you have?

I have a parking fairy.

That's right a parking fairy. Bluebell.

Bluebell is the best, I get good parking spots all over the place, at the mall during Christmas, at the Provo parade, and yes, even at Walmart. (How do you think I gained all this weight? I never have to walk through parking lots.)

When Blaine and I first got married he kinda hated Bluebell cause he thought it was blasphemy. You see, when you get to the parking lot you start calling for Bluebell, then when she appears in the form of a the-parking-spot-to-die-for, you thank her. This is the most important part. Bluebell works on thanks alone, you stop thanking, you start walking. It made Blaine uncomfortable for me to "pray to a fairy for help then give thanks". Whatever. I park close, he walks. But he's coming around. When you see miracle after miracle, you have to believe.

So try her out. Or don't and leave the good spots for me.

(I have to give props to my BF Suzanne for sharing the secret of the Bluebell. I hope you don't mind I let the secret out. (oh, and props to Nan too.) I think Nan would enjoy the site of my kids chanting Bluebell, Bluebell, every time we drive to Walmart.)

P.S. she does not help make parallel parking any easier. Sad.


Sara said...

And you're just telling me about this now because...oh...did you tell you-know-who first about this too? Well, at least I know now. There is nothing more annoying to Dan than when we are pulling into a parking lot and I see a far-off empty close parking space and I say "THERE! Go get that one!" Of COURSE by the time we get there it's gone. Maybe Bluebell can help us out.

Blaine said...

1st of all I have to say to TJ's vast readership that it's true Bluebell is a true fairy. I however refuse to use her as I am trying to get a close parking spot at the perly gate. Take that Bluebell. (and mighnt I say you antana look great today.)
Well writen as allways TJ.

Melody said...

I have to tell Duke about this one. He doesn't even try to find a close spot and heads for the furthest spot in the parking lot, you'd think he'd be thinner.

Holdinator said...

Bluebell also just so happens to be the name of the creamiest, most delicious ice cream (available exclusively at Carrabba's and the Cracker Barrell, as far as I know).

I can't wait to use her magic.

Kimbooly said...

Yeah, and Bluebell ice cream also makes you fat. My only comment to you, TJ, is, what weight gain? You look great to me!

The Morty's said...

I need a bluebell.....

Anonymous said...

props to bluebell! nan would be so proud. cameron hates her too and always says, "what the hell, bluebell?" because he never gets a good spot. he never thanks her when i get us a good using the power either. so glad that you use her!

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