Wednesday, July 16, 2008

VD anyone?

Does the blogosphere ever remind you of high school sex ed?

Let me 'splain.
"A" sleeps with "B", B already slept with "C","D","E","F","G". That means A is linked to CDEFG through B. You get it.

So, I found Holdinator through Sarah, through Holdinator I found Mediocre Gatsby, from Gatsby I found Anonymous Karimzada.

Another example:

I linked to Sara through Melody, Kim found me through Sara and she found Sara through Melody. (Or somethin' like that)
It goes on and on.

Whoa. Anyone else suddenly feel like a keyboard slut?

Maybe we'd all feel better about the whole thing if we used a nice wholesome family tree analogy.

*Whoever ID's this family wins.

**The prize is personal satisfaction (and embarrassment for knowing the answer).


Blaine said...

days of our lives...I win I win!!!of course I am a stay at home dad now. Is that cheeting?

suzanne said...

days of our lives. who wouldn't know that???

The Mediocre Gatsby said...

Wow! Anonymous and I were talking about this very thing last week. We even discussed making a family tree.

Great minds...

Kimbooly said...

Great minds think alike... and fools never differ. ; )

I was just talking to Stacy (Yarrington; TJ did you know her the summer you were in Houston?) about this yesterday (though more like a tag game). Sara sent me hers, I found TJ on Melody's, I sent Stacy the ones I found, and around it goes. Stacy was saying how nice it is to be back in contact with our Houston friends, I agree, and I get to know others through blog links.

Kimbooly said...

By the way, even better than tag, I like to think of it more as internet cult-de-sacs. We're connected instantly like neighbors even though we're not geographically close, and we keep meeting new friends. Thus grows the family tree and the prep for celestial cult-de-sacs grows.

Holdinator said...

I didn't know that Days of our Lives thing, but it is weird how the connections work.

Like, I saw that you read seriouslysoblessed... So does my wife, and well, you know.

Kimbooly said...

Ok, just *one* more comment from me on this post, and the matter of blog-hopping. I think that's a really fun name. I should patent it now.
I think you'd enjoy blog-hopping to my friend's site,
I think her current post, "I Love you Mommy," is great.

Heck is for people that don't believe in gosh