Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Convenient Idlealist

This is a picture of Rock Canyon, there is a narrow little trail that used to be a road 3000 or so years ago when they last mined in this canyon. At one time in my life, I had this little daydream about people sharing and living without materialism.

I thought what if one car was driving down the canyon and another was driving up and there is no place to turn around, what happens? Who backs up the way they came from? Wouldn't it be wonderful if they just switched cars and both backed up. That way they could both get to where they were going. Who cares what each of them was driving, if one was better than the other. Everyone got where they needed. Wouldn't that be a wonderful way to live?

Of course at the time I was driving a K car that was a stick shift and still had a bench front seat.

This sweet pic kinda explains my convenient idealism, huh?

I would never trade now.


ALF said...

Found your site from dooce - just wanted to say hi.

Blaine said...

what if the car comming down smelled like some of the car you have to deal with. smelly cars suck.or what if i was comming down in my jeep or better yet my 69 gmc. ha! back that thing up rock canyon.

Beeswax said...

In the abstract, nice. But reality? First, I don't even like switching cars with my husband. I like to know where all my buttons and doodads are, like, without having to look around and wreck.

Secondly, I keep all my gear in my car, in case it goes down. Make-up, extra purses, most of my kids' shoes, hand lotion, roller blades, goldfish crackers, case of water, you know, essentials. And that would be hard to make portable. Don't get me started on re-installing car seats.

Hehehehe. I like it, though. I do. Now, can we all join hands and sing kumbaya.

Melody said...

LOL, I had the same type of car. My parents bought it for me as my first car. It was a piece of junk by the time I got it. The material on the roof used to fall on my head, the rim was dented so it used to squeak when you drove it. A slow squeak when driving slow and a fast squeak when driving fast. I hated that car.

Anyway, Hmmm, I'd trade cars if ... never mind I like my land rover. Now if we could trade kids.... Ok, I'm just joking with that too.

TJ said...

Beeswax,yeah, I don't really like my hubby driving my car either. I obviously thought of my little plan before car seats happened to me. What a hassle. I was so niave then, just look at me in my earth shirt and birkenstocks :). Now I drive a small SUV. oops.

Melody, I'll trade with you any day, cars or kids.

Ryan & Robyn said...

I love bench seats in the front! that is why I bought the impala. every car should have that!

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